Startups to established companies often need help finding and retaining top software engineering talent because the demand outweighs the supply. And not only is it hard to compete for the best candidates, but it’s also expensive with the high contingent fees with traditional firms.

But what if you could have a recruiter fully dedicated to your open positions and who works hourly, giving you the most for your money?

This is what we offer at Fingerhut Recruiting. Our founder, Adam Fingerhut, has earned his client’s trust by delivering top talent and providing an unparalleled dedication to their hiring needs.

Picture this: You’re an established company trying to compete for the best software engineers with rising startups and your competitors. You need a recruiter who understands your needs and knows how to find a candidate with the skills who fits your long-term vision. We know where to look and which questions to ask to ensure we’re not wasting anyone’s time. Our searches are targeted and tailored for you (not our best interests).


Adam commits a set number of hours to work only on your position(s), acting as an extension to your internal recruiting team.


 Candidates are recruited for your specific roles, giving you high-quality applicants that are not being shared with other companies.


You control the number of hours dedicated to your recruitment needs, allowing you to manage your budget while Adam finds the perfect fit for your team.


Adam believes in quality over quantity. If Adam sends you someone for your open position he is highly confident that the individual is getting the job.

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